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Salient information contained in the cited examples are further extracted and summarized for ease of reference by researchers keen on employing these techniques for drug solubility and bioavailability enhancement.

The solubility and dissolution rate of a drug are often positively correlated.The bioavailability of a drug is defined as the rate and extent to which a dissolved drug is absorbed and becomes available at its target site of action .Visit Little Mermaid at Lange Linie, the colourful houses at Nyhavn, amusement park Tivoli, hip and happening Nørrebro or get a joint at squatters ”city” Christiania on your way to see the new Opera House.During warm summer days take your swim trousers and rollerblades to Amager strand and in case you forgot them you can go skinny dipping at the men’s only section of the outdoor bathhouse at Charlottenlund.Technology advancements in milling now enable the production of drug micro- and nano-particles on a commercial scale with relative ease.

This review will provide a background on milling followed by the introduction of common milling techniques employed for the micronization and nanonization of drugs.Gay life is well integrated into Danish society and being gay is a non-issue.That's probably why you won’t find typical gay streets or areas in Copenhagen.The extent to which drug dissolution proceeds under prevailing physiological conditions is governed by its aqueous solubility.Drug solubility is defined as the amount of drug that passes into solution when an equilibrium is established between the drug solute in solution and any excess, un-dissolved drug to produce a saturated solution at a specified temperature .Milling involves the application of mechanical energy to physically break down coarse particles to finer ones and is regarded as a “top–down” approach in the production of fine particles.