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Please note: You are fully responsible for any use and/or other activity on e Bike Connect that is carried out using your login details.

The decision on blocking will adequately take into account your legitimate interests.Bosch will send you a personal message by e-mail warning you that your account will be blocked.If it is necessary to provide certain information on e Bike Connect (in particular contact data) at the time of registration or when using the services provided to e Bike Connect, you must provide this information truthfully and in full.If this information changes in the course of the user relationship, you must correct your data on e Bike immediately in your personal settings.Login is prohibited to minors and persons whose access has been permanently blocked.

In the course of the registration process you will be asked to provide information and set your login details.

To do this, you must confirm authorisation by clicking on the link contained in the e-mail confirmation.

If this link is not clicked within 30 days, your access will be disabled.4. Neither your registration, nor your user relationship nor your user account can be transferred.

The services offered can, for example, include the provision of data, maps, image and audio files, information and other content (collectively 'content'); furthermore, the option of obtaining automated advice in order to improve your fitness level and for this purpose, the option of saving and managing details on your e Bike in your user profile.

Please refer to for information on the scope of the services provided under this Service Description.3. The registration for use of e Bike Connect is free of charge.

As a rule, we do not verify your identity nor your personal details when you register.