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20 minutes’ drive down the road is Lejre, which was a seat of power in the Dark Ages and boasts the remains of the great feasting hall immortalised in the story of Beowulf.

Klaus has also invented a porter with essence of toasted warship in honour of the Ladby grave, and a beer inspired by a figurine of a valkyrie, a female warrior in Norse mythology.

There’s no need to be partial to essence of Viking to appreciate Klaus’ tasty beers – but I can think of one chef who would surely be a fan.

In an old mill down the road from the burial mound is Munkebo microbrewery.

Like Britain, Denmark has discovered a thirst for craft beer in the last decade and Munkebo is one of the many microbreweries that have popped up as a result.

My guide Tania (who has a touch of Katniss Everdeen about her thanks to the longbow slung casually over one shoulder) has been coming here since she was a child.

As I don the long-sleeved linen dress that women wore instead of knickers, I'm told that Englishwomen often ran off with the Nordic warriors because they were cleaner.

My final stop is a burial mound on the island of Funen.

Inside, visitors can marvel at the remnants of the Ladby ship: a warship belonging to a Viking king who must have been important because he was buried with 11 horses and four dogs.

And if they like, they can also stay there and live like Vikings for days and weeks at a time. No Viking voyage would be complete without a trip to Jelling, the sacred home of King Harald Bluetooth and his father, King Gorm. “Denmark” is written for the first time on the stone carved by Gorm, while Harald’s declares that he has converted the Danes to Christianity.

(Fun fact: The Swedish mobile phone company Ericsson named Bluetooth technology after Harald.) After Land of Legends and Trelleborg, Jelling’s visitor centre is a shock: no wooden huts, no tunics, no longbows.

Tania produces a Viking toiletry bag: bone comb, metal tweezers, wooden toothpicks, even an ear-pick shaped like a teeny ladle.