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As a result, he ordered two more redoubts to be constructed, of which one was completed, near the beach between Funen and Fredericia.

On 30 May, Danish troops launched another sally, damaging what had been constructed so far, and spiking 9 cannons.

The Schleswig-Holsteins constructed 4 redoubts, which would bombard the town and cover them from a Danish sally.

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As the Danish troops deployed for the attack in the first hour of 6 July, the Schleswig-Holsteinian troops were sleeping in their camps.A dense fog shrouded the Danish soldiers as they moved, and straw placed over the streets and the noise of the wind reduced the sound they were making as they traversed through Fredericia, resulting in their deployment not being detected.As they withdrew, Denmark left 7 000 men to garrison their fortified town of Fredericia, along with a reserve on the island of Funen.Prittwitz, a Prussian commander, ordered the Schleswig-Holsteinian army to besige the town and the siege began on 9 May under the commander of General Eduard von Bonin, whilst the Danish garrison was led by Colonel Lunding.The Frederica Boat Show is a boat show and one of the most important fairs of its kind in Denmark.

Visitors have the opportunity here to see boats of all types and sizes.

Welcome to Best Western Hotel Fredericia - your personal hotel! The lovely view across the "Madsby Enge" can be enjoyed in peace and quite from the restaurant.

The menu contains delightful dishes inspired by a combination af Danish and French cuisine and adapted to the varying seasons as regards meat, vegetables and fruit.

The Battle of Fredericia was fought between soldiers of Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark on 6 July 1849 at Fredericia in Denmark.

The battle was a part of the First Schleswig War, which was a conflict between Schleswig-Holstein, supported by several German states, and Denmark. In 1849, Danish southern Jutland was invaded by 61 000 Schleswig-Holsteinian and German troops, and Danish troops located there withdrew to northern Jutland.

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