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Other animals Common seals are often seen on the mudflats at Agger Tange.

The ferry harbour is a good place from which to look across to the mudflats.

Birds Several species of duck breed at Agger Tange, including shelduck, shoveler, gadwall, mallard and garganey.

Herons are seen in the area most of the year, and peregrine falcon turns up now and again throughout the year.In autumn, large flocks of ducks frequent the shallow waters round Agerø.In autumn, various seabirds move along the coast on their way south, including divers, shearwaters, gannets, ducks, skuas, razorbills and guillemots.In winter, small flocks of sanderlings and snow buntings can be spotted. For example, in 2012 little egret, black-winged stilt, gull-billed tern and great reed warbler were observed here.In spring there are foraging ducks, geese and waders here. In 1862, the sea broke through the coast where the present Thyborøn canal now runs, south of Agger Tange.

Since then, the sea and the Limfjord have been connected, although the channel in the canal has to be dredged regularly, as it will otherwise become sanded up.Summer is also the time for various species of tern: sandwich tern, arctic tern, common tern and little tern.Cormorant, grey heron and mute swan are seen all year round. Sparrowhawk, buzzard, kestrel and peregrine are seen regularly.Now and again white-tailed eagle and merlin can be spotted.In summer, marsh harriers fly over the reedbeds and in winter hen harriers and rough-legged buzzards appear.There is a picnic table and benches outside the hide.