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Aside from being the connector of ten countries in Europe, Danuber River plays an enjoyable role in Regensburg.

Boats and Paddles are the weapon for those who are looking for an entertaining time in Danube River.

Peter's Church, the Stone Bridge, the Thurn Taxis Palace and many more.

The four years of construction made the Holy Trinity Church as one of Bavaria’s first Evangelical Churches, with the original seats are still being used now.Rich by various arts made by noble people from the past, one should not miss to climb the tower and witness how you wander the city in a day.Okay, it might consume so much from your time but there’s one point I definitely recommend you should not missed.An interesting part of the center called my intention and maybe yours as well. Photo by: Cjane Ginez Situated above the infamous Danube River, the Old Stone Bridge has been developed from a simple linker of ventures into an icon of a medieval town.Regensburg Travel is a guide for visitors to Regensburg, one of the oldest medieval cities in Germany.

It will help you plan your trip as well as in arranging daily activities to popular sights such as St.

Over 2,000-year old city in Germany and listed its medieval center as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Regensburg brings you the life from stone age up to the modern time. Luckily, the planned demolition of the historical structures in Regensburg and transformation into modern ones in 1960 was not carried out.

The heritage ensemble covers more than half of the 1,500 recognized buildings in Regensburg.

Mostly gathered for past-time only, the group of kayakers has now step further for a formal course to turn your boats in full circular, aside from cruising the River.

If you want to join, just approach any of them and they will surely accommodate your interest.

Built in 1634 by the Bavarian Dukes, Künstlerhaus Andreas-Stadel was used as salt storage until the beginning of 19th century.