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In the addictive political drama, Téa Leoni plays a steely, Hillary Clinton-esque secretary of state, who, jetting between world capitals, manages to avert one international catastrophe after another.But it’s her assistant Blake Moran, played by Erich Bergen, who really holds things together.“He’s the sort of person that runs to get coffee but also communicates between her and the president. He keeps his private life private.” Not that Blake is closeted — it’s more that he subscribes to a certain workplace propriety.

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Orland, pianist, arranger and associate musical director for , and Bergen never really had a formal meeting as it were.

Their friendship and eventual work collaboration was something that was obviously bound to happen. I don’t know anyone else that does it.” Bergen’s stint here in California doesn’t last for long before he has to head back east to do the same show in New York. Whatever your pleasure, intimate setting or 10-piece band, it’s clear Bergen is out to please his audience and given his track record thus far, it’s no doubt he’ll be doing just that. Filed under Online Only, Entertainment News, Entertainment Feature.

“I can’t play [piano] like him but my brain is wired to him.

If I’m talking and all of a sudden I think there should be music under this leading into the next song so that when I stop speaking I can just start singing and it goes right into it and Michael will know without even planning that out that that’s what I’m aiming for.

His parents met at the Actors Institute in New York.

His dad even had a few cabaret dates in the West Village at the famed Duplex, where he’d open with Sondheim’s He’s also been involved in more than one original show in both Los Angeles and Chicago.

When it comes to his live performances, Bergen is romantically old fashioned.

He prefers to think of those performances as concerts, much like they used to be thought of in the Vegas days of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

The couple met for the first time in London while working for NBC News.

Apparently, they are enjoying their relationship and don’t want to get married for a while.

I’m never Justin Timberlake or never Daniel Day Lewis, but if I get somewhere in the middle and I’m doing what I love then I’ve succeeded.