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Now I wanted to show these shows cause a lot of them were aired when most of you posters were kids or when your kids were kids. I think I'm going to be very sorry that I bumped into this thread - LOL!

And then - before adding any oil - I bite the whole back up and down, in a very fluid motion, bit by bit, avoiding any bones.I do the neck and shoulders, and sometimes the glutes, too. The Teletubbies came first, and the Boobah's were ITV's attempt to copy them. The Muppet Show was the prime time version of Jim Henson's schtick. Incidentally, "Noel's House Party" was not a children's show either. ) Noel is best known nowadays for presenting the UK version of "Deal Or No Deal". Like back in the 50's, they were allowed to show smoking. Blobby & the Smurfs" (No prizes for guessing who this was a duet between! Hey, I had this rabbit cuddly toy which I named after Wooly, and my Mum made a Wizbit out of a Corn Flakes packet to accompany him! And things have changed on what was considered okay for kids shows. Psalty from "Psalty's Songs for Little Praisers." 5.

OTOH I found the concept of TV for pre verbal children darn odd to begin with. Cam at that age wanted to rock out to the TV commercial that was done to I Want to Get Away by Lenny Kravitz.

And another version of it was released in 1996 called ""Mr. But, the star of the show was magician Paul Daniels. By the way, the day after this video was uploaded, it was announced that Paul Daniels had an incurable brain tumour (story on BBC website). But, for me, the most disturbing thing about the video was one of the narrators! And I have seen "Pingu" for the same reasons as above. Now the Nobody character I have NOT seen, but then again, it was the 60's-70's when that character appeared.

Mr Blobby even got the Christmas number 1 in 1993 with his self-titled song. The Boobahs weren't creepy to me, just slightly weird.

He wakes up in a hospital to all the bleeps and whirs and quiet humming of machines that monitor a patient in intensive care. His parents hold vigil by his side, praying without ceasing. Each family member wishes he or she could do something to make it better. The Web site allows relatives and far-away friends to check on Andy’s condition and leave notes of support. Each sentence the family reads is a balm of comfort. It’s a simple plan, and one they’ve used before to get good seats at KU basketball games. Two hours later, a vascular surgeon declares to medical students that Andy’s extremities are dead.

It takes three to 10 days to slaughter all the bugs. Older brother Josh brings his girlfriend, Lori Wisnieski, from Chicago. At least two students will be with Andy around the clock. One day, a doctor checks a sedated Andy’s fingers and toes, telling the family the circulation is coming back. The experience stirs something fresh in Andy: a dream of living on his own.

Thousands of struggles lay ahead, along with loss, grief, endless tears. Clay and a friend hoist Andy down the stairs to Clay’s car. And he learns that sometimes when he fakes being happy, happiness seeps in. Bacterial meningitis can result in brain damage, hearing loss or learning disability. The American College Health Association recommends that all college students get the meningitis immunization.