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The stories you told between songs of you and your family were interesting and touching.

I know nothing about you but you impressed me as a kind and genuine person and I wish you all the best.

Then we would drive to Hendersonville to visit your familys graves. This is something he has not ask me to do, but when I find something and show it to him he gets very excited. I would lile very much if there is any information you might have for the 1950 are any return correspondence. I love your music and your captivating smile would light up 'The Sage' (a venue in Gateshead, North East England). Best wishes, Neil Hey Carlene, Steve Kearney HHS Class of '73. I don't know how often you make it to San Diego but, I would love to come see you when you return to So Cal to perform. The way you carry yourself, your manorizems, and those eyes and smile.

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I am 46 years old, I do not will not change my way of how I think of music---never mind, you just did!!!!!! If you are taking song requests, I would love to hear your version of The Winding Stream, of course only if you are up for it. Then you bent down and asked me for my name, and then you signed something for me and you spelled my name wrong! I am a musician, and I play bass in a classic rock band, but more important, we do a little 3 piece act at nursing homes. We do several of the old Carter Family songs, which go over real big, and sometimes brings tears to their eyes.

I saw your show last night at the Blue Ridge Music Center, near Galax, Va. Wishing you sellout crowds and safe travels, Carter Girl! I saw your rendition of Troublesome Waters from farm aid, and it blew me away. Your family has touched so many lives and will continue to do so for many years to come.

When your Uncle Don got drafted he recommended to George Morgan who he was playing with at that time for my Dad to come play with him.

I love the remakes you do of the Carter Family songs, and I will continue searching for songs we can do. So grateful to get to see you at the concert in Omaha!!! Love, Xoxox Amanda :-) Carlene, Saw you last night in Fresno opening for John Mellencamp.

Hi Carlene, I saw you in concert in the early 90's, I think it was in Louisville, KY, it was a great show and I had all your records at the time. Always thought you and your mother were extremely beautiful woman. I've been trying to find it an the internet with no results. In one set, you commented to Russell, that you brought your string - "G" String, LOL! Although I never got to see the Johnny Cash show I was a big fan of your moms and the Carter family. He also worked and played at Curtis Gordan’s at the Radio Ranch (The Dixie Barn Dance) meeting and playing behind many soon to be great artist.

I had some of the same struggles as I have read you did so I understand somewhat, I'm glad you made it out alive. Watched a documentary on Netflix about the Carter family. Had to look you up on this crazy new interweb we have today. If there's a possibility in you and/or your team could locate the show and let me know how I can obtain it, I would greatly appreciate it! When I was in high school I remember my parents leaving the house to see Johnny Cash at the Masonic Temple where the country stars played at the time. Dad recorded with your Mom in Springfield Missouri. He 89 and is still living and can still play awesome.

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We would love to see you perform again sometime in the Baltimore/Washington D. And you were so sweet to sign my three albums and two poster flats, and to then take a pic with me after your fan line was all through.

I hope I didnt make you late to get ready to come back to the stage!

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