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The DDR dogs tend to show solid working structure with heavy bone and massive heads, and strong temperament. SG Alk v Osterburg Quell Sch H3 DPO2 WPO Kkl1 a German Shepherd Dog, Czech/Slovak Lines.These dogs were bred in communist Czechoslovakia as state working dogs.

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Breeders of working dogs must ensure that their dogs are placed only in the hands of those willing and able to provide the training and excercise that these dogs require.When high drive, energetic dogs fall into inappropriate hands, both the dogs and the breed will suffer.VA1 Yasko v Farbenspiel Sch H3 Kkl1 a German Shepherd Dog, German Working Lines (also Belgian and Dutch lines, which are NOT related to Belgian or Dutch shepherds – see below).These dogs are bred primarily for sport and as service dogs.The German shepherd dog has evolved into many breed types in many countries, and even many offshoot breeds all claiming to be improvements on their progenitor.

For someone wanting to buy a German Shepherd Dog the variety of similar dogs must be very confusing.They excel as police, military, SAR and drug/bomb detection dogs.If you seriously want a working dog, or one that can be competitive in sport, these are the lines you would consider first.Some show too much drive and aggression to be family or guide dogs, but many are suitable for any purpose.V Buster v Adelmannsfelderland Sch H3 Kkl1 a German Shepherd Dog, East German Lines (DDR).German Shepherd Dog, West German Show (High Lines).