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The NUMo also can be used to measure radioactive alpha and beta-gamma contaminations on surface such as floors, walls, desks, objects, clothing and or skin as well as neutron dose rate due to the possibility to connect a variety of Berthold probes.

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Designed for maximum sensitivity, safety and flexibility the Flow Star² LB 514 sets the new standard for what a radio-HPLC flow detector should be.

The convenient dual analogue output enables easy integration into your HPLC systems and a comfortable touch screen provides additional operation flexibility Read more Duo Series LB 474 is the new radiometric density system from Berthold based on real 2 wire technology, succeeding our top-selling density measurement system LB 444.

The b Screen LB 991 is a bench-top instrument based on the proprietary 1λ-Reflectometric Interference Detection (1λ-RIDe) for kinetic label-free bio-molecular interaction monitoring and analysis.

It is working with microarray slides, good for detecting up to 10,000 interactions within one run, thus closing the gap between conventional µArray approaches and currently available label-free techniques.

Read more The Process Control division offers non-contacting level measurement technology for use in a variety of industrial sectors.

As global leader in radiometric technology the level gauges provided by Berthold are unique in terms of reliability and long-term stability – the more than 20,000 measurement systems that are in operation worldwide are a proof of that every day.

The Frac SENS LB 6770 directly connects to the customer control system. Read more Our newly developed LB 134 Universal Monitor II is the follower of our well-known LB 123 UMo.

With an integrated Geiger-Müller counter tube it is possible to measure directly gamma dose and dose rate in ambient dose equivalent H*(10).

KG (“Bioanalytic”) will join forces, effective January 1, 2017 to deliver even greater benefits to our combined customers and business partners through a broadened portfolio of system solutions for the life science laboratory: These range from small standalone readers, such as microvolume spectrometers and luminometers to various dedicated and multimode readers, microplate washers, microplate workstations, RIA and ELISA automation products and high-end imaging systems.

The Berthold Technologies group operates from the Bad Wildbad/Germany headquarter, and has affiliate companies and strong partners globally.

To ensure the efficient control of water/oil interface levels in desalters and interface levels operators are increasingly turning to Radiometrics for an accurate solution to their level problems Read more Bad Wildbad, Germany, 13.