Singleton average rainfall

There are clear differences in the employment rates among men and women, with young women being particularly disadvantaged.Among male workers 78% were employed full time, and among female workers only 40% were employed full time.

The tables below give yearly averages for rainfall plus snowfall at cities, towns and parks in Michigan.Each place has a total for the amount of precipitation it usually receives in a year.The annual precipitation totals are averages based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 for the NOAA National Climatic Data Center.You can jump to a separate table for each region of the state: The Thumb & Southeast Michigan, West & Mid-Michigan, Northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula.Employees working in these two industries (and their respective families) tend to relocate regularly, meaning a relatively high number of new families move to Singleton each year and need to integrate into the community.

Singleton has a higher male than female population (93 women per every 100 men, which is much lower than the NSW ratio of 103 women per 100 men).

Women of this age had an average weekly income of about 0 per week, 27% below the NSW figure.

On average women earned 41% of men, which was much lower than the NSW rate of 65%.

Mining and Defence are two major employment sectors in Singleton.

Sixteen percent of the population are employed in mining and 8% in Government/Defence.

Trough lines, which often extend southward from Queensland, are a common occurrence over the Hunter region at this time of year.